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Maharashtra Hsc Scc Exam 2022:Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has announced some specific measures for conducting Class XII and Class X examinations in a healthy and safe environment. Highlights are as follows msbshse


Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune Higher Secondary Certificate (E. 12th) and Secondary School Certificate (E. 10th) Examination March-April 2022 Proceedings of Disclosure (E. 12th) and Secondary School Certificate (E. 10th) Description ) Examination is an important stage in the life of a student. In order to determine the duration and format of these examinations in the backdrop of outbreak of COVID-19 virus, the duration and format of these examinations have been decided by the Government and the Board in consultation with the headmaster, subject teachers and similar experts. Also some special measures are being implemented to conduct the examination in a safe and healthy environment for the students. The details are as follows: Duration of the exam as per the prevailing pattern etc. 12th examination between February 20, etc. 10th exam is starting from 01st March. However, the current year is happening almost two weeks later than usual. Etcetera. 12v3. Written Exam 04 March 2022 March 30, 2022 Category, Performance, Oral Test, Internal Assessment 14 February, 2022 March 03, 2022 15 March 2022 April 04, 2022 10th Class, Performance, Oral Test, Internal Assessment February 25, 2022 14 March 2022 At present the number of students registered in the board for the exam is 12V-14,72,562 etc. 10th, 16th, 25,311 Subject Media and Number of Question Papers. It consists of objective type, short and long term questions. Etcetera. 12th Subject 158, Science Branch Medium 04 Other Branch Medium 06 Question Paper No. 356 etc. 10th Subject 60 Medium 08, Question Paper No. 158 4. Participation of Various Elements in the Examination – The Principal for this examination includes Principal, Principal, Center Director, Supervisor, Supervisor, Chief Regulatory Examiner, Clerk and Class IV Staff as well as All field officers and all officers and employees of the Board.Considering the difficulties faced by the students in the background of the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, further measures have been taken for the examinations conducted in the prevailing offline system.

1. Examination Centers Examinations are conducted at the examination centers fixed by the Board as per the prevailing system. However, for the Ghadar examination, the school will provide an examination center / sub-center there. Therefore, students can take the written test only in the school / junior college where they are studying. This will make it easier for them to take the exam in a familiar environment. Also, less travel will be required for the exam. Follow Us: Youtube Telegram

2. Exam Time – As students have less writing practice, 30 minutes extra time has been given for 70 to 100 mark papers and 15 minutes extra time for 40 to 60 mark papers.

3. Course – 25% reduction has already been made in the syllabus due to the outbreak of Covid 19 virus. Therefore, written test is conducted on 75% of the syllabus. Special concessions will be given to the disabled students as per the prevailing system.

4. Practical Examinations Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, most of the schools / junior colleges could not complete the prescribed demonstrations. Therefore, students have been given concessions in this regard. Etc. The 12th demonstration work is an important stage for future courses. Given this situation, examinations based on at least 40% of the subject-wise syllabus will be conducted for demonstration through higher secondary schools / junior colleges. Etc. Examinations based on at least 40% of the subject-wise syllabus will be conducted for demonstration through 10th School. If it is not possible to conduct an actual practical examination, a practical examination based on writing work will be conducted instead of a demonstration. At least 40% of the limited schools / junior colleges will have the flexibility to choose the experiment for the examination. Internal and external examiners will be appointed from the respective school / higher secondary school / junior college for the practical examination. Adequate measures have been taken to avoid congestion. Examination planning and submission will be done group-wise.

5. Schools / Junior Colleges are permitted to facilitate oral examinations, internal and similar assessments by considering the original plan.

6. Special Concession If any student falls ill or due to unavoidable reasons can perform category, oral examination, internal and similar assessment demonstration/submission after written examination, etc. 10th, and so on. 12th standard students will be given another chance for this. There will be no separate charge for this.

Safety Measures There will be a separate examination room at all examination centers for students who are ill due to Covid-19. If a student shows symptoms during the exam, the student will be allowed to take the exam in a separate room. Necessary medical aid will be provided to the examination center through the nearest government health center. Students 10 minutes before the question paper 8. 10. Students will be informed to be present at the examination center at least one and half hours in advance to follow all the guidelines regarding Covid-19. The student will be given a question paper 10 minutes in advance. This will allow him to plan for the solution. Priority to the student’s health – For all examinations, it will be mandatory for students and related elements to follow all the instructions of the government and health department regarding COVID-19. Detailed guidelines will be posted on the Board’s website Divisional Board wise helpline Divisional board wise helpline will be started by the board to resolve all the queries related to board examination. High-Level Control Committee – A High-Level Control Committee will be set up to conduct the examinations safely. Best wishes to all students for the upcoming exams!

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