JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Arts Solution Set-2


JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Arts Solution Set-2 English Core

Read the following passage and answer questions from 1-8.
Four hours earlier the man had anchored his small towing boat off
the rocky coast of the island and had climbed the steep slope. This
coast was rarely frequented by visitors; for it was difficult of access
and landscape was bleak and unfriendly. (Simple curiosity and the
love of adventure had impelled the man to go there). When he had
set out in the morning, the sea had been very calm and clear, the sky
cloudless. But now a strong wind had risen; the coast for miles
around was gloomy and desolate. Dark waves sent up a huge spray
each time they broke on the black, uneven rocks which plunged deep
down into the water.
(Looking down at the choppy sea below, the man realized he would
have to move quickly if he was to save his boat). The rocks, which
had previously been fairly easy to climb, were now treacherous and

slippery. The man clung to the face to prevent himself from slipping.
At one point, the slope was so sheer, that he was obliged to climb up
again and come down by another route. He stopped to regain his
breath by a withered overhanging tree. He was now so close to the
sea that he could taste salt on his lips as the fine sea spray rose up
and fell and his teeth were chattering with cold. But the plight of his
boat was uppermost in his mind. (Below it was bobbing on the waves
like a cork and at any moment the rope which held it fast might
break, the boat would either be carried out to sea or dashed to
pieces against the rocks). The man began to climb down again, but
stopped abruptly when he heard the sound of splintering wood. His
worst fears had been realized; he saw his boat lifted high by the
waves and beaten against the rocks again and again. The man looked
down helplessly, as a tangled mass of drift wood and gear floated
away over the water.

  1. What had the man anchored at the rocky coast of the island?
    a. Raft
    b. Canoe
    c. Boat
    d. Ship ANS:C
  2. What had impelled the man to visit the island?
    a. Simple curiosity
    b. Love of adventure
    c. Search for food
    d. Both (a) and (b) ANS: D
  3. When did the man set to sail for the island?
    a. In the Evening
    b. In the Morning
    c. At midnight
    d. At noon ANS:C
  4. The man could taste salts on his lips as the fine sea spray rose
    up and fell and his teeth were chattering with __.
    a. Fear
    b. Cold

c. Terror
d. Fright ANS:B

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  1. Where did the man stop to regain his breath?
    a. In a hut
    b. In a ship
    c. By a tree
    d. None of the above ANS: C
  2. Choose the correct word for ‘forced’ which means same as in
    the passage.
    a. Choppy
    b. Desolate
    c. Sheer
    d. Impelled ANS: D
  3. Choose the correct meaning of the word ‘choppy’ as used in
    the passage.
    a. Rough
    b. Calm
    c. Clear
    d. Barren ANS:D
    Read the passage given below and answer the questions

    from 8-12.

Coconut is the fruit of coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It is used
for its water, milk, oil and tasty meat. Coconuts have been grown in
tropical regions for more than 4500 years but recently increased in
popularity for their flavour, culinary uses, and potential health
benefits. The name comes from the old Portuguese and Spanish
word ‘Coco’, meaning ‘head’ or ‘skull’ after the three indentations on
the coconut shell that resemble facial features. They are ubiquitous
in coastal tropical regions, and are a cultural icon of the tropics.

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The coconut is an unusual food for many reasons. It is technically a
seed, produced by the coconut palm tree, and as such is one of the
largest edible seeds produced by any plant. Its usual contents also

make it unique in the seed world – the interior consists of both
‘meat’ and ‘water’. The meat is the white pith with which we are all
familiar, as it is used extensively for cooking and flavourings; the

coconut water is a white liquid that is very sweet and thirst-
quenching. Portuguese explorers gave the nut its name in the 15th

century, referring to it as coco, meaning ‘ghost’ in their language.
The three dimples and the hairy texture reminded them of a ghost’s
face, and the tree has retained that name ever since.

  1. Where are the coconuts grown?
    a. Tropical regions
    b. Mountainous regions
    c. Cold regions
    d. Monsoon regions ANS:A
  2. What does the word ‘Coco’ mean?
    a. Skull
    b. Head
    c. Meat
    d. Both (a) and(b) ANS: D
  3. Which part of the coconut is used extensively for cooking
    and flavourings?
    a. Water
    b. Milk
    c. Oil
    d. Meat ANS:D
  4. The coconut earned the nickname ‘ghost’ because-
    a. Of its pale colour

b. It resembles a face
c. Of its shape
d. Of its smell ANS:B

  1. Choose the most appropriate title for the given passage.
    a. The Tree of life
    b. Coconut- a fruit
    c. Meat and water
    d. Ghost ANS:B
  2. Which of the following is not used in Note-Making?
    a. Abbreviations
    b. Keywords
    c. Title
    d. Date ANS: Comment your Ans
  3. Which of the following is NOT a part of summary writing?
    a. Using your own words
    b. Exact words from the text
    c. Including main ideas only
    d. Summary being shorter than the text ANS:B
  4. Which of these is the right format of writing date in the
    ‘Letters to Editor’?
    a. 23/11/2021
    b. 23-11-2021
    c. 23.11.2021
    d. 23rd November,2021 ANS:D
  5. Which of the following is not a component of a ‘Letter to
    a. Title
    b. Salutation
    c. Date
    d. Signature ANS:A
  6. Notice issued by government generally appears in –
    a. Newspapers
    b. Books
    c. School Notice boards
    d. Court Notice boards ANS: A
  7. In Notice writing, the name of the institution

/organisation is placed-
a. Below the heading

b. At the top
c. After the date

d. Anywhere in the notice ANS: B
‘Write a report on the book fair you went with your friend. You are
Geeta/Avinash’. Referring to the above lines, answer the following

  1. What would be correct title for the report?
    a. I Went a Book Fair
    b. The Book Fair
    c. I went a Book Fair with my Friend
    d. None of these ANS:B
  2. Internet has become an important source of knowledge
    and research today. Students who wish to do well need access
    to the net.
    Suppose you have to write an article based on the above lines.
    Which one of the following would be the appropriate title?
    a. Importance of information Technology
    b. Important source
    c. Knowledge and Research
    d. Information ANS:B
  3. Who is the author of ‘Last lesson’?
    a. Jane Austen
    b. Rabindra Nath Tagore
    c. Alphonse Daudet
    d. Anees Jung ANS:C
  4. What did Hamel say about French language in ‘The Last
    a. Most beautiful language
    b. Clearest language
    c. Logical language
    d. All of these ANS:A
  5. Where has Saheb and his family come from?
    a. Dhaka
    b. Delhi
    c. Lahore
    d. Nepal ANS:A
  6. What are Saheb and his friends compared to?
    a. Birds
    b. Animals
    c. Trees
    d. Flowers ANS:A
  7. Which city is famous for glass bangles?
    a. Patna
    b. Jaipur
    c. Firozabad
    d. Ranchi
  8. What does Mukesh want to become?
    a. Doctor
    b. Actor
    c. Teacher
    d. Motor mechanic ANS:D
  9. How old was Douglas when his father took him to the
    beach in California?
    a. Two or three
    b. Three or four
    c. Four or five
    d. Five or six ANS:B
  10. Those nine feet for Douglas were more like….
    a. Seventy
    b. Eighty
    c. Ninety
    d. Sixty ANS:C
    Read the given extract and answer the questions from 29 to
    Fishermen in the cold sea
    Would not harm whales
    And the man gathering salt
    Would look at his hurt hands.
  11. Who is the poet of the given extract(poem)?
    a. Pablo Neruda

b. Stephen Spender
c. Kamala Das
d. Robert Frost ANS:A

  1. What does the poet expect the fishermen to do?
    a. Not to harm the whales
    b. Not to go in the sea
    c. To be still
    d. To catch small fishes ANS: A
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