JAC 12th Arts English Core Model Paper Solution 2022


JAC 12th Model Paper 2022 Arts Solutions


Read the following passage and answer question from 1 – 6 SET-1

Language is wonderful gift given to man. No animal possesses this gift; but
they have their over way of expressing themselves. When a rabbit sees an enemy,
it runs away into its hole or burrow. Its tail bobs up and down as it runs. The other
rabbits see it and they too run away. They know that there is a danger. When a
cobra is angry, it raises its hood and makes itself look fierce. This warns other
animals. When a bee has found some food, it goes back to the hive. It cannot tell
the other bees where the food is by speaking to them but it does a kind of dance
in the air. Some animals say things by making sounds. A dog barks when strangers
come near.

  1. Language is a wonderful gift given to …………….
    a. man b. animals
    c. plants d. superman ANS: A
  2. When rabbit see on enemy it-
    a. bobs its tail up and down b. makes a sound
    c. begins to jump d. moves its ears ANS: A
  3. A ………. barks when strangers come near

a. rabbit b. dog
c. wolf d. cat ANS: B

  1. No animal possesses the gift of-
    a. writing b. talking

c. wailing d. language ANS: B

  1. When a bee sees food it communicates to other bees by –

a. speaking b. dancing
c. jumping d. crying ANS: B

  1. In the passage the word caution means –
    a. bob b. dance
    c. warn d. communicate ANS: C

Read the following passage and answer the question form 7-12
The kingdom of books is as vast as the universe, for there is no corner of it
which they have left unexplored. There is no dearth of book on any topic, be it as
simple as the composition of sodium nitrate or as intricate as the mechanism of a
spacecraft. Books report the fruits of our research in various fields of knowledge,
and spread our progressive view on matters which are of vital concern to our
fellow beings.
In fact, no single product of human labour has been as helpful to the
advancement of civilization as books, which are written in all languages of the
world and are decoratively placed in bookshelves in our homes and tastefully
placed in bookstalls and libraries. If to Keats, works of ancient poets like Homer
were realms of good from which he derived much joy as well as inspiration, to the
modern lover of books, the labours of all geniuses, including those of Keats, are
mines of inestimable intellectual wealth he goes on exploring for the sake of his
mental and spiritual advancement.

  1. For the majority of people, book-reading is ……………. .
    a. an enjoyable intellectual exercise
    b. a boring job
    c. not interesting
    d. interesting ANS: A
  2. Books are helpful for …………………….
    a. Reporting research results
    b. spreading progressive view on vital matters
    c. studying for exams
    d. all of the above ANS: D
  3. Which of the following sentences is not true?
    a. There is no shortage of books in any topic.
    b. Books are written in all languages.
    c. Human labour has not contributed to development of books.
    d. Books are decoratively placed on book shelves. ANS:A
  4. Books contribute to …………………. .
    a. financial advancement
    b. physical advancement
    c. mental and spiritual advancement
    d. all of the above ANS: C
  5. The word …………….. in para 2 means ‘ornamentally’
    a. fancifully b. tastefully
    c. decoratively d. none of the above ANS: C
  6. Choose a suitable title for the passage.
    a. Education b. Books
    c. Learning d. Human Advancement ANS: B
  7. In note making notes are not written in ……………

a. phrases b. idioms
c. sentences d. points ANS: B

  1. Notes should be-
    a. sequential

b. sensible
c. legible and clear
d. All of these ANS: D

  1. Symbol are freely used in ……………..

a. letter writing b. paragraph writing
c. essay writing d. note making ANS: C

  1. Notices in schools and colleges contain certain announcement for ……………….

a. principal b. headmaster
c. students d. peon ANS: C

  1. A formal letter starts with –

a. date b. sender’s address
c. receiver’s address d. subject ANS: B

  1. Letters to the Editor are written for –
    a. newspaper b. school
    c. college d. Club ANS: A
  2. Which of the following can be added to make article writing interesting?

a. Quotes b. statistics
c. Both (a) and (b) d. Neither (a) and (b) ANS: C

20.While writing notices the signature of the issuing authorities should be written
at the ………………
a. bottom b. margin
c. top d. none of the above ANS: A

  1. What is the motive of writing a letter to the editors?
    a. To ask him to take action.
    b. To threaten him to take action.
    c. To order him to take action.
    d. To request him to give some space to your letter in him paper ANS: D
  2. How should an article be ended?
    a. thanking the audience
    b. greeting the audience
    c. with a suitable conclusion
    d. all of the above ANS: C
  3. Who sat on the back benches of the last French class?
    a. Franz b. Prussians
    c. The village elders d. the new teacher ANS: C
  4. What did Hamel bring for his class on his last day in the school?
    a. new pens b. new notebooks
    c. sweets d. story books ANS: B
  5. Where was Saheb employed?

a. at a tea stall b. at a saree shop
c. at a jewellery shop d. at a sweet shop ANS: A

  1. Mukesh wants to become a motor mechanic –
    a. by finding a tutor b. By going to a garage
    c. By reading book d. By joining a school ANS: B
  2. When Douglas regained consciousness he
    a. Laughed at his experience
    b. Had 104 F fever
    c. shook and cried and didn’t eat anything
    d. Told his mother about his misadventure ANS: C
  3. Why did Douglas hire instructor?
    a. To be confident in swimming
    b. To compete with other
    c. To flaunt
    d. To overcome his fear of water and to learn swimming ANS: D
  4. When the poet looked at her mother again, she felt a pang of ………………
    a. her familiar ache b. guilt
    c. heartache d. a headache ANS: A
  5. The poet compared her mother to
    a. summer’s sun b. Rain clouds
    c. Late winter’s moon d. Trees and plants ANS: C


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