JAC 11th English Core Most Important Question

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JAC 11th English Core Most Important Question इसआर्टिकल में Class11th के English Coreजो कि Science, Commerce and Arts तीनों संकाय से संबंधित है जिसमें से परीक्षा संबंधित कुछ Most Important Question इस आर्टिकल में दिए जा रहे हैं जो Class 11th के सभी विद्यार्थी के लिए English Core के परीक्षा में काफी Helpful रहने वाले हैं |

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JAC 11th English Core Most Important Question

JAC 11th English Core Most Important Question – Overview

Name of OrganisationJharkhand Academic Council Ranchi
CategoryImportant Question
ArticleJAC 11th English Core Most Important Questions
Examination Name JAC Board Examination
Class11th Science , Commerce and Arts
Official Websitehttps://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/jac/
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Jac Board Class 11th Exam And Question Pattern

JAC Board Class 11th का जो Exam Pattern And Question Pattern है वह विद्यार्थियों को सारे प्रश्न ऑब्जेक्टिव(Objective-MCQ) मिलेंगे यानी कि विद्यार्थियों को अपने परीक्षा में सिर्फ ऑब्जेक्टिव प्रश्नों का जवाब देना होगा. जिसमें कुल 40 प्रश्न रहेंगे प्रत्येक प्रश्न एक नंबर के रहेंगे यानी कि कुल 40 नंबर के प्रश्न पूछे जाएंगे एवं 10 नवंबर स्कूल एवं कॉलेज के तरफ से विद्यार्थियों को इंटरनल एसेसमेंट के रूप में दिया जाएगा.विद्यार्थियों को कुल पांच मुख्य विषयों की परीक्षा देनी है उसके अतिरिक्त अगर कोई अन्य विषय है तो विद्यार्थियों को उसकी परीक्षा नहीं देनी है.

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JAC 11th English Most Important Question

Your Answer is in bold letter

1.Why did grandmother keep one hand on her waist?

(a) To sit

(b) To dance

(C) To balance her stoop

(d) To Sleep

2.On which day we had a wonderful holiday Complete with a christmas tree?

(a) Feb 28th

(b) December 24th

(c) December 25th

(d) January 1st

3.Narrator’s grand mother had been old and wrinkled –

(a) for ten year

( b) for fifty years. (

C) for twenty years.

(d) for twenty five years

4.The crewman Larry vigil was —

(a) an American

(b) a Swiss

(c) an Indian

(d) a Japanese

5. The grandmother always carried with her-

(a) rosary

(b) Knife

(c) mirror

(d) vanity bag

6.The grandmother beleived that education should be-

(a)Computer based

(b) Religion based

(c) idea based

7.what took the place of the village dogs in grandmother’s life in the City?

(a) Sparrow

(b) City dogs

(c) Cats

(d) None

8.The narrator’s Son Jon asked his father if they were going to

(a) die

(b) Survive

(c) is fly

(d) None

9.The wave walker survived the storm for .–

(a) 20 hour

(b) 15 hour

(c) 10 hour

(d) 5 hour

10 What was the age of Sue?

(a) 6 years

(b) 7 years

(c) 8years

(d )9 years.

11 What was buried with mummy

(a) Board and games

(b) Competitve test

(c) Both

(d) None

12. The place where Egyption Kings were buried is known as —

(a) Valley of Kings

(b) Valley of pharaohs

(c) Graveyard of King

13 The length of Wave walker was.

(a) 23 meter

(b) 25 m

(c) 19m

(d) 20m

14. What was the full name of Sue?

(a) Sylvia

(b) Suzanne

(c) Susanna

(d) Sophie

15. Who was Tsetan?

(a) a guide

(b) A blanket

(c) driven of the car

(d) None

16.The name of author’s friend was?



(c) James

(d) None

17. The author has visited the place to do

(a) Meditation

(b) Kora

(C) Prayer

(d) All

18 Bombay was British outpost on leave upto ..

(a) 2005

(b) 2004

(c) 2008

(d) 2001

19. who asked Taplow to say Joke?

(a) Mr. Crocker

(b) Frank

(C) Millie

(d) None

20. Taplow is a boy of……

(a) 12 years.

(b) 16 Years

(c) 10Years

(d) 17Years.

21. The name of crocker Harris wife was

(a) Millie

(b) Mania.


(d) Nancy

22. The Green Movement Started in ….

(a) 1968

(b) 1966

(C) 1972

(d) 1970

23.The author has Compare earth to

(a) patient

(b) doctor

(6) Scientist

(d) God

24. The first green party was established in New Zealand in-

a) 1940

(b) 1962

(c) 1972

(d) 1982

25) The story” The Portrait of a Lady” is written by
a) Khushwant Singh
b) Nani Palkhiwala
c) Gordon Cook
d) A R Williams

26) Khushwant Singh’s grandfather’s portrait hung above the mantelpiece in the ………….
a) bedroom
b) drawing room
c) bathroom
d) studyroom

27) Khushwant Singh’s grandfather was an old man who used to wear …………
a) jeans
b) big turban
c) trousers
d) none of the above

28) What would Khushwant Singh and his grandmother feed the village dogs with?
a) bones
b) bread
c) meat
d) chapati

29) The grandmother believed that the education should be:
a) religion based
b) computer-based
c) idea based
d) fact based

29) Who is the author of “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse”?
A. AJ Cronin
B. William Wordsworth
C. William Shakespeare
D. William Saroyan

30) What were the hallmarks of the Garoghlanian tribe?
A. Trust
B. Honesty
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. None of the above

31). Who was the true owner of the White horse?
A. John Byro
B. Fetvajian
C. Dikran Halabian
D. Zorab

32). At what time did Aram and Mourad ride the horse?
A. Late night
B. Early morning
C. Evening
D. Afternoon hours

33) What was Mourad’s desire?
A. To own a horse
B. To become rich
C. To ride a horse
D. To visit a vineyard

34) The author of the story “We Are Not Afraid to Die…. if we if we can All Be Together”

a) Gordon Cook and Alan East
b) Khushwant Singh
c) A R Williams
d) Terence Rattigan

35) The narrator and his wife spent 16 years to improve their …….
a) seafaring skills
b) writing skills
c) listening skills
d) none of these

36) 200 years ago round- the-world voyage was made by ………
a)Captain James Cook
c) Vasco-de-Gama
d) none of these

37) What was the name of the author’s boat?
a) Titanic
b) Beautiful boat
c) Wave Walker
d) Voyager

38) Who is the poet of the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’ ?
a) Shirley Toulson
b) Walt Whitman
c) Markus Natten
d) Ted Hughes

39) What was strange to tell in the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’?
a) The rain replied to the poet’s question.
b) The poet was talking to the rain.
c) It was raining in winters.
d) The rain was softer than usual

35.The cricket match ……….at 7 p.m.

(1) starts

(2) start

(3) is start

(4) will started

36. Who were ‘Betty’ and ‘Dolly’?

(1) Poet’s neighbours

(3) Cousins of poet’s mother

(2) Poet’s sisters

(4) Poet’s friends

37.Who is the ‘Poem of Earth’ ?

(1) The rain

(2) The land

(3) The sea

(4) The sky

38. Where was the photograph taken ?

(1) In a forest

(2) On a beach

(3) On a mountain

(4) None of these

39. Mother ……..tea every morning.

(1) drink

..(2) drinks

(3) drank

(4) drunk

40.The Grandmother accompanied Khushwant Singh to the

(1) school

(2) temple

(3) river

(4) market

41.Where did the author spend his childhood?

(1) In the town with his mother

(2) In the town with his parents

(3) In the village with his father

(4) In the village with his grandmother

42.The concept of ‘Art Brut’ in 1940s was mooted by

(1) Wu Daozi

(3) Jean Dubuffet

(2) Antwerp

(4) Quinten Metsys

43. Where is the Rock Garden situated ?

(1) In Chandigarh

(2) In Bhopal

(3) In Patna

(4) In Kolkata

44. Aram and Mourad belonged to the tribe ?.

(1) Harghlanian

(2) Goralanian

(3) Garoghlanian

(4) Ghiralinian

45. Mourad was very fond of

(1) Sea-surfing

(2) Swimming

(4) Horse-riding

(3) Playing cricket

46. Who was John Byro?

(1) A farmer

(2) A friend of Aram

(3) A friend of Mourad

(4) A barber

47.Which country did the narrator belong to ?

(1) Holland

(2) Ireland

(3) England

(4) Scotland

48.Who wrote the story, “The Address’?

(1) Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

(2) Margo Minco

(3) Amitav Ghosh

(4) A. J. Cronin

49. What is the name of the village range?

(1) Bosahalli

(2) Rosahalli

(3) Hosahalli

(4) None of these

50.Who was Shyama ?

(1) She was Ranga’s daughter

(2) She was writer’s daughter

(3) She was Ranga’s friend

(4) She was Ranga’s mother

51. The name of the village doctor in the story “Ranga’s Marriage” is

(1) Brahmabhatt

(2) Dev Bhatta

(3) Gunddabhatta

(4) Mahesh Bhatt

52. Who is the narrator of the story “The Address” ?

(1) Mrs. Dorling

(2) Mrs. Dorling’s friend

(3) Daughter of Mrs. S

(4) None of them

53. Choose the grammatically correct sentence:

(1) The door be shut let

(2). Let be the door shut

(3) Let the door be shut

(4) The door let be shut

54. Choose the grammatically correct sentence for the given jumbled words:

physical exercise/ for / essential / is / health / good

(1) Good health is essential for physical exercise

(2) Physical exercise is essential for good health

(3) Essential for good physical health is exercise

(4) For health good physical exercise is essential

55. In the poem “The Voice of the Rain”, without rain, seeds will remain

(1) not fully developed

(3) hidden

(2) hidden and unborn

(4) dry

56. Who appeared like the winter landscape in the mountains ?

(1) Narrator’s grandmother

(2) Narrator

(3) Narrator’s mother

(4) Narrator’s father

57.Which one of the following sentences is in the Passive voice?

(1) Vendors are selling good items

(2) Nidhi visited the new library

(3) The postman delivers the letters

(4) The room was cleaned by Sudhanshu

58. Choose the correct Passive voice for the given Active voice:

“The librarian gave me a book.”

(1) I was given a book by the librarian

(2) I am given a book by the librarian

(3) A book was given to me by the librarian

(4) I is given a book by the librarian

59. Choose the grammatically correct sentence:

(1) Good friends Kusum and Rashmi are

(2) Kusum and Rashmi are good friends

(3) Good Kusum and Rashmi are friends

(4) Friends are good Kusum and Rashmi

60. ……..books are helpful.

(1) this

(2) These

(3) That

(4) which

61. I have a friend……….

(1) who were a famous gymnast

(2) who is a famous gymnast

(3) who are a gymnast

(4) who was a gymnast

62.Rashmi bought a book and……….. Inkpot


(2) few

(3) an

(4) This

63.Sunidhi……….get a new dress if she clears the entrance test.

(1) will

(2) can

(3) could

(4) might

64…………you close the door, please ?

(1) Shall

(2) Would

(3) Must

(4) Can

65. My brother……..at the concert tomorrow.

(1) will be perform

(2) will be performing

(3) will have perform

(4) willing perform

66) Abbreviations are freely used in ……………………

a)notice writing

b)letter writing

c)note making

d)article writing

67) summary does not exceed…………… of the length of the original text

a) 1⁄2

b) 1/3



68) The summary contains………………..

a) main idea




69)Would you like an glass of water ?

a) the

b) another

c) other

d) no correction

70) I appeared for the exam today.

a) appear

b)has appeared

c) appearing

d) no correction

71) Ram waiting for his sister’s marriage

a) Wait

b) Is waiting

c) Will wait

d) No correction

72) Gita have read this book since 10. 00 a.m.

a) has been reading

b) has reading

c) have been reading

d) no correction

73) Wait while the bus stops at the bus stand.

a) when

b) till

c)no correction


72) I wish Sita would pass the exam !

a) must

b) could

c) no correction

d) might

73)Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order

 P: rotates

Q: the Sun

R:East to West



78)P: the poor

Q: support

R: I

S: everyday


Correct the following sentences

79) You are request to help me 




c) requesting

d) been requested

80) Should you please lend me your car?



c) would

d) might

81) Gopal need go for a morning walk when he was in Mumbai

a) used

b)have to

c)used to

d)uses to

82) What was hard to believe about Khushwant Singh’s grandmother?

a) that she had ever been young and pretty

b) that she was a religious lady

c) that she was a kind lady

d) that she was terribly old

83) What used to be the happiest half hour of the day for the grandmother?

a) it was the time when she went to the temple

b) it was the time when she said her prayers

c) it was the time when she fed the sparrows

d) none of the above

84) The voyage went on peacefully up to ………

a) Cape Town

b) George Town

c) China Town

d) none of these

85) What was the full name of Sue ?

a) Sylvia

b) Susanna

c) Suzanne

d) Sophie

86) In the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’ which of the following is personified?

a) Earth

b) Sky

c) Music

d) Rain

87) What does the rain do to nature?

a) cleans it

b) beautifies it

c) both (a)and (b)

d) neither (a) not (b)

88) Who wrote the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’?

a) Amitabh Ghosh

b) Vikram Seth

c) Arundhati Roy

d) Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

89) Who narrated the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’?

a) Shyama

b) Ranga

c) Rama Rao

d) Gundabatta

90) What is Hosahalli?

a) Ranga’s village

b) Ranga’s school

c) Ranga’s shop

d) Ranga’s house

91) Where was Hosahalii village not mentioned ?

a) In Geography text

b) In History text

c) In English text

d) In Hindi text

92) Where did Aram live?

a). In the centre of the town

b). In the country

c) . Olive Avenue

d). At the edge of town on Walnut Avenue

93. How was the horse according to Aram?

A. Magnificent & lovely

B. Beautiful white horse

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of the above

94). Who couldn’t be a member of the Garoghlanian family?

A. poor

B. rich

C. a thief

D. crazy

95. How was uncle Khosrove?

A. Hot tempered

B. Irritable

C. Impatient

D. All of the above

96. Who is the author of “The Address”?

A. Manon Uphoff

B. Marga Minco

C. Marente de Moor

D. None of the above

97).According toAlbert Einstein, what is more important in education ?

(a) dates 



 (d) Knowledge

98).In the story Mother’s day, who is the most neglected person in the family?

(a) grandparents 

(b) children 

(c) Father 


99).Shahid Was a

(a) Doctor

 (b) Painter 

(c) dancer

 (d) Poet

100).Who Was finally hanged in the poem ‘TheTale of Melon City?’

(a)The noose 

(b)the king

 (c)the arch

 (d)the fool.

JAC class 11th Poet And Author’s Name :-

S.NO.Story/ PoemAuthor/ Poet
1 portrait of a LadyKhushwant Singh
2A Photograph…Shirley Toulson
3 We’re Not Afraid to die…if we Can All be togetherGordon Cook and Alan East
Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues.
A.R. Williams
The Laburnum Top     
Ted Hughes
6Landscape of the Soul…
Nathalie Trouveroy
7The Voice of Rain  
Walt Whitman
8The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role
Nani Palkhivala
9 The Browning Version.
Terence Rattigan
10 Childhood Markus
11The Adventure
  Jayant Narlikar
12 Silk Road….
Nick Middleton
13Father to Son 
Elizabeth Jennings

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